Stop by for your free test.

We offer free laboratory-certified pregnancy tests. You will receive your confidential results during your visit. Walk in during office hours or call for an appointment.

How soon can I take a pregnancy test?
You can find out if you’re pregnant potentially as early as 7-10 days after sex. For more accurate test results we
recommend waiting until you’ve missed your period.

I think I’m pregnant. What are some signs?
Everyone’s body is different, but you might be feeling: fatigue, sick to your stomach, tender breasts, missed your period, frequent urination. Even if you have all these symptoms, it doesn’t mean you are pregnant. We offer experienced care and can give you a free pregnancy test. We are here to listen to your concerns and provide you with confidential support.

My pregnancy test is positive. Now what?
We’ll help you get answers.

  • Give you the information you need to figure out your next steps
  • Walk you through what you need to know about getting a free ultrasound
  • Answer questions you may have about your pregnancy