Keep – Abort – Adopt

Many women say, “If I am pregnant, I have to have an abortion, because if I gave birth to my baby, I would love the baby too much to place it up for adoption.”

Stop in and speak to a woman advisor about these kinds of feelings when facing an unexpected pregnancy.


An unplanned (confirmed or possible) pregnancy often forces women to look more closely at the relationship that they are in. This is often a time to consider whether or not you have a future with your partner. In our confidential space, you have the option to discuss your feelings and hopes for the relationship.

Abortion Considerations & Healing

Abortion is far more complicated than many women and men understand. It is not like deleting a file. There are often physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences from abortion. A full understanding of the risks and consequences is vital before making that choice.


Are you feeling confused by a past abortion? You are not alone. Since your abortion, perhaps you have experienced:

Intense grief or sadness
Guilt or shame
Broken relationships
Suicidal urges

Don’t suffer in silence. Hope, freedom, and transformation are waiting for you. Contact us to get emotional and spiritual referrals and reconciliation.

*Choices is here to offer support to all women after their abortions and walk with them no matter what. Please stop in or call us if you would like to talk.